Monday, December 15, 2014


There was Art Basel:

 photo 00e0e_gferVRfwlHE_600x450_zpsfe88880f.jpg photo 00T0T_doc1myurf3a_600x450_zps1d849102.jpg

and then everything else. Quite super and amazing.... warning there are water pics, don't be offended!!!!!!

 photo IMG_20141205_1324471_zps0457af66.jpg

miami beach in tha morning: photo IMG_20141201_1447241_zps7d8a9e3e.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_144431_zps4f09db03.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_140954_zps4d7deb19.jpg
 photo IMG_20141130_124847_zps41f5adff.jpg
 photo IMG_20141130_124843_zpsee1f777b.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_1448332_zps61c8a1b5.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_1447461_zps2ce5670f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141207_151639_zps131d3b2f.jpg ^here are the CUTEest girls playing beach volleyball.
 photo IMG_20141207_151632_zps9cfa45f1.jpg photo IMG_20141205_134437_zps817356bf.jpg

sexy palm tree:  photo IMG_20141207_151612_zps8fa77527.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_132810_zps8b032f40.jpg

 photo IMG_20141203_153448_zps9cc21a5b.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_182330_zps0d845376.jpg ^could not afford anything at the bloomingdales and the stuff I could was already bought out on the clearance rack! Damn... i wanted to buy shoes but they only had one of my size. literally, i'd see only a left shoe or only a right shoe. wtf. i liked tory burch mainly because of that film Simon burch.
 photo IMG_20141201_153655_zps845fb0cd.jpg photo IMG_20141201_153236_zpsabfd6e47.jpg

i love this pic below  photo IMG_20141201_144845_zps23d27dea.jpgthere was a "rain" rumor that day. this is a diagonal kind of shot

sunshine photo IMG_20141201_144840_zps2f0da6f6.jpg

myfinger photo IMG_20141201_144830_zpsca744640.jpg

 photo IMG_20141206_110553_zps271f6af5.jpg

 photo IMG_20141206_110553_zps271f6af5.jpg photo IMG_20141205_174001_zpsff4d408b.jpg
The accidental pic :o( ::

 photo 80164fef-bed9-48cc-b1f1-5e5e094a90c9_zps555e8359.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_173011_zps0b966f2f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_155540_zps30f129a5.jpg

:: (thanks yankees for the pic :))
 photo IMG_20141205_1553001_zps9eb4e7f7.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_152633_zpsfd081b2e.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_152545_zps9c5d7c09.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_151902_zps4d9cd31b.jpg

Before the voyage... sitting on the dock of the bay:

 photo IMG_20141205_134754_zps1079c5d8.jpg