Sunday, November 16, 2008

I met SHANDI!! (from ANTM)

It was one of those random nights when I thought I spied a hipster with a really unique tattoo. Most hipsters have like a circle or wings or something in chinese. But this tattoo was of, I think a Victorian-era painting? I should've asked... Anyway while I was squinting to see what it was from far away I got closer and realized it was Shandi! My favorite contestant from America's Next Top Model EVER. I mean, I sorta see ppl from the show a lot in the city but they're usually not nice. I brush it off because I see real models in the city and most of them can never compete. However, Shandi is really tall and was glad to take a pic with me. I actually interrupted her pool session for this because back then, Shandi's pain was my pain..... Anyways take a look: