Monday, October 06, 2008

I've been seeing lot's of good art lately in unexpected places so in honor of that this is my 1st "artsy" type post:

You have to:




But still you have to:


Friday, October 03, 2008

The Maverick & Barracuda

Ok, So last night I decided to go to the NYYRC's New York Young Republican’s Club's VP Debate watching party. All I can say is what a classy bunch. For real’s.. I wish Obama supporters acted like this! I felt like I was walking into some type of otherworldly sorority/fraternity and I had to remind myself that it was still NY. The main reason I went is not because I have chosen a president or consider myself Republican. I went because I am a bit perturbed with these overzealous Obama supporters and wanted fresh air. Fresh it was indeed.

Here's how the night went down. The event was supposed to be held at Jake's Salloon in Chelsea. I 1st stumbled into the wrong one because there are 2 right within a few blocks of each other.

I see a sea of well-dressed white people and a couple of dirty/scared looks. It was alright. I was the ONLY black female there all night long... there was a black man but he was dressed in street clothes so I guess he was maintenance or something? There was another dark-skinned "black/multiracial" man but his demeanor blended in with the crowd so I guess he's a member.

I thought I would mingle a bit but I was hungry and thirsty so I went straight to the bar. ... I wait a few minutes and finally a man gets up to leave... I ask him nicely if he's finished. He replied: "Be happy" and walked away. So there I sat couched for 3 hours eating salmon on toast, chicken fingers, veggies and other hor' dorves... speaking of which I have been to mad Obama fundraising shindigs all year and never has anything been free and the event planners are always smug acting. I almost want to say... well I AM black and you are a white democrat so um be nice, I could be president before you could lady! (joke!)


Within minutes.. a woman who said her name was Erica from the New York Daily News said she wanted to ask me and the couple next to me (who I sort of adopted as ppl I would talk to) some questions and I said no. But, then I asked her what exactly were the kind of people she was looking for. She said women. Sure... that's why you pushed through the crowd..... my estrogen!

later.. these 4 anti McCain ppl came and stood next to me... and made these sly remarks under their breath about mccain. But since I paid no mind to them.. the bar owners and NYYRC members and obviously rich white people probably didn't think we were connected. Thank the Lord! I am a little offended that they didn't sit next to someone else. Why me liberals? (this is what I mean!!!!) Ewwwh... Sometimes they even clapped after Biden spoke whereas I would look at a white lady in the room and smile (when Gov Palin said a joke) and clap at least, after Sarah spoke and do nothing when Biden spoke.

(Since this is NY I realize they could be "plants" if you know what I mean BUT people's eyes would widen and they looked very very very confused when they overheard the demos so maybe they really were democrats who crashed or repubs who liked Obama?.... nah.. I think they were crashers since they looked so hip and the McCain supporters there were are all country club types.)

So on to the drinks: I had a vodka cran, vodka oran, martni and a beer within an hour due to nerves... then one person introduced himself to me. He was nice.

But: I was scared I was gonna be lynched! In other words, I felt really uncomfortable but I tried to work thru it. This is the reason I rarely visit South!

I mean.. They just stared and I will be upfront and say that I don't think it was because I was black necessarily, because I saw more than one Asian, 2 Indian women, an Arab and lil group of Latinos huddled in a corner with their "Latinos for McCain" sign, that the country club types' population ignored as well. I think it's just that they thought I could be there to be pro-Obama but in reality I just got sick of Obamaholics.

Once gaffe: Someone booed when Ifill went on. I was about to cry and go home but I stayed. :)

I honestly thought that even They thought I was a tratior... the latin bartender even rolled his eyes after I asked if all the gorgeous food is free.


All and all. They were all high quality upstanding looking people. Whereas with Obama it's these hippies and.. I can't really describe it.

Last night was the 1st time I had EVER seen a real live McCain/Pailn sticker. I was suppose to wear it but I think I'll framed it since it's a rare artifact:



what I felt like:


and I was gonna save that for Hallow's Eve!