Tuesday, May 06, 2014

WHERE do you think this is: Buckingham Palace???

Except this is ACTUALLY Buckingham Palace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) yaaayyyy!

 photo IMG_20140201_125442_zps9c5d1b24.jpg

me in royal blue next to the guard at the Queens place.


 photo IMG_20140201_125610_zps8decd359.jpg

There's a lot of drama as to why the Queen of England has this wonderful home but when you get to the actual palace, it rocks! I spoke to some people at the gathering and


it is so beautiful. I mean I was expecting the dreary dark London but apparently, this day I went was one of the best weather days ever. The Queen's guard told me about the times of the tour inside of inside the palace but I didn't do it becuz I just know I'd be so jealous of Her Royal Majesty. and also i didn't do it because I already saw a documentary about inside her home and I doubt it has changed that much. One simply can't blame the Queen for wanting to stay here!

 photo IMG_20140201_133234_zpsd37330a0.jpg  photo IMG_20140201_133157_zpsf28d603a.jpg here's the gorgeous fountain that graces the front of Buckingham.  photo IMG_20140201_130027_zpsc563d42e.jpg photo IMG_20140201_125831_zpsc9e68f64.jpg the pretty point that shows the gold and more gold adorning the sculptures  photo IMG_20140201_125734_zps00ced424.jpg the palace again  photo IMG_20140201_125618_zps36f3d345.jpg but then they're sticking it to the Man  photo IMG_20140201_111856_zps1ce043ca.jpg if i had te resources i'd give it to the British workers of the Tube! and like everyone else, I "Mind The Gap."

God save the QUEEN!