Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Once upon a time

I did a random thing two years ago. (10/8 ~ 3yrs... now the date is on their website.)It was a once and a lifetime opportunity! I didn't even KNOW it was online till a year ago.
I just asked a question out of the blue:

lol, Basically not in touch. Please check out:

I also met Rosario Dawson '05 and then Chris Rock in '06

plus few other celebs but I didn't have a camera. NYC is great!


Rosario andme.. hehe the 3rd pic...she's nice..heh



I met Chilli from TLC

last Saturday. It was a dream come true! She was behind a velvet rope at Rolling Out's Female Success Factor:


TLC was my favorite girl group growing up! They had a velvet rope and said you had to be VIP to meet her. I was upset because I wasn't VIP but then I talked to the security guard and he let me in!:) Her best friend was so sweet and took the pic. She didn't believe I was over 18, it must be the glasses, I look like a geek! :(

to make me happy


Rest in Peace and LONG LIVE THE King of Pop!

And Charlie's Angels was my favorite show of all time and FOREVER you will be in my heart Farrah Fawcett!