Friday, January 06, 2017

Florida's Everglades anyone? This was my everything!

 photo 20170106_151319_1483733600646_zpsbsbei4pr.jpg

 photo IMG_0327_zpsdlsyzbco.jpg

 photo IMG_0331_zpsby79jh8e.jpg

 photo IMG_0332_zpsjsqhidry.jpg

 photo IMG_0334_zpsem2shhr9.jpg

Airboat or bust!!!

 photo IMG_0339 1_zpsmcmovvpc.jpg

His name is Damien. That was one hungry alligator! It is a boy.

 photo IMG_0338 1_zps41jswaxa.jpg

Now if only I found my Lacoste shirt, it would've been a marvelous pic.

Monday, December 15, 2014


There was Art Basel:

 photo 00e0e_gferVRfwlHE_600x450_zpsfe88880f.jpg photo 00T0T_doc1myurf3a_600x450_zps1d849102.jpg

and then everything else. Quite super and amazing.... warning there are water pics, don't be offended!!!!!!

 photo IMG_20141205_1324471_zps0457af66.jpg

miami beach in tha morning: photo IMG_20141201_1447241_zps7d8a9e3e.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_144431_zps4f09db03.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_140954_zps4d7deb19.jpg
 photo IMG_20141130_124847_zps41f5adff.jpg
 photo IMG_20141130_124843_zpsee1f777b.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_1448332_zps61c8a1b5.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_1447461_zps2ce5670f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141207_151639_zps131d3b2f.jpg ^here are the CUTEest girls playing beach volleyball.
 photo IMG_20141207_151632_zps9cfa45f1.jpg photo IMG_20141205_134437_zps817356bf.jpg

sexy palm tree:  photo IMG_20141207_151612_zps8fa77527.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_132810_zps8b032f40.jpg

 photo IMG_20141203_153448_zps9cc21a5b.jpg

 photo IMG_20141201_182330_zps0d845376.jpg ^could not afford anything at the bloomingdales and the stuff I could was already bought out on the clearance rack! Damn... i wanted to buy shoes but they only had one of my size. literally, i'd see only a left shoe or only a right shoe. wtf. i liked tory burch mainly because of that film Simon burch.
 photo IMG_20141201_153655_zps845fb0cd.jpg photo IMG_20141201_153236_zpsabfd6e47.jpg

i love this pic below  photo IMG_20141201_144845_zps23d27dea.jpgthere was a "rain" rumor that day. this is a diagonal kind of shot

sunshine photo IMG_20141201_144840_zps2f0da6f6.jpg

myfinger photo IMG_20141201_144830_zpsca744640.jpg

 photo IMG_20141206_110553_zps271f6af5.jpg

 photo IMG_20141206_110553_zps271f6af5.jpg photo IMG_20141205_174001_zpsff4d408b.jpg
The accidental pic :o( ::

 photo 80164fef-bed9-48cc-b1f1-5e5e094a90c9_zps555e8359.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_173011_zps0b966f2f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_155540_zps30f129a5.jpg

:: (thanks yankees for the pic :))
 photo IMG_20141205_1553001_zps9eb4e7f7.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_152633_zpsfd081b2e.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_152545_zps9c5d7c09.jpg

 photo IMG_20141205_151902_zps4d9cd31b.jpg

Before the voyage... sitting on the dock of the bay:

 photo IMG_20141205_134754_zps1079c5d8.jpg

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

WHERE do you think this is: Buckingham Palace???

Except this is ACTUALLY Buckingham Palace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) yaaayyyy!

 photo IMG_20140201_125442_zps9c5d1b24.jpg

me in royal blue next to the guard at the Queens place.


 photo IMG_20140201_125610_zps8decd359.jpg

There's a lot of drama as to why the Queen of England has this wonderful home but when you get to the actual palace, it rocks! I spoke to some people at the gathering and


it is so beautiful. I mean I was expecting the dreary dark London but apparently, this day I went was one of the best weather days ever. The Queen's guard told me about the times of the tour inside of inside the palace but I didn't do it becuz I just know I'd be so jealous of Her Royal Majesty. and also i didn't do it because I already saw a documentary about inside her home and I doubt it has changed that much. One simply can't blame the Queen for wanting to stay here!

 photo IMG_20140201_133234_zpsd37330a0.jpg  photo IMG_20140201_133157_zpsf28d603a.jpg here's the gorgeous fountain that graces the front of Buckingham.  photo IMG_20140201_130027_zpsc563d42e.jpg photo IMG_20140201_125831_zpsc9e68f64.jpg the pretty point that shows the gold and more gold adorning the sculptures  photo IMG_20140201_125734_zps00ced424.jpg the palace again  photo IMG_20140201_125618_zps36f3d345.jpg but then they're sticking it to the Man  photo IMG_20140201_111856_zps1ce043ca.jpg if i had te resources i'd give it to the British workers of the Tube! and like everyone else, I "Mind The Gap."

God save the QUEEN!

Monday, February 24, 2014

This ain't no DISCO, this ain't no COUNTRY CLUB.....

this is L.A.

 photo rsz_im3_zps095b9ca3.jpg
I almost sobbed on Rodeo drive because I had no big Beverly Hills money to get the yummy designer goods.

 photo rsz_2image_zps6615035a.jpg

 photo rsz_image10_zpsee035c60.jpg

was there last year for a few days to see the sights. It was magical.
 photo rsz_2imj22_zps56553bb1.jpg 3/22/14 4:37pm eXclusive, eXclusive... What THEY (namely me) don't want you to know about my trip to Los Angeles:  photo Image0085_zpsc1ad4f37.jpg

^cute pic, came out decent

 photo Image0079_zps8a29910b.jpg  photo Image0078_zps43045c7b.jpg  photo Image0075_zps19e0673b.jpg  photo Image0073_zps4e582090.jpg

Me. fresh with purchases from UCLA Bookstore.

 photo Image0097_zpsf044e774.jpg Could drink the tap water there? lol

Yeah so I toured UCLA and it rocked!! I felt like a real university community. As I wandered around the student gave me a UCLA blue book, which I have sinced saved, like I was one of them! They even have a sushi bar/ post office in there!

More shots of L.A. to come..................................

It's Friday and like 8:38pm and 4/18/14. It's supercalifragilisticespyaladocis *sighs* Friday and now I'm relsing the rest of the L.A. photographs into the wilderness:

 photo Image0080_zpse4686686.jpg

This was when I saw the Marilyn Monroe star. I was just walking trying to find the Chinese theatre because i heard that's where the "walk of fame" was. But I suppose it's quite scattered through Hollywood. But yeah. I <3 Marilyn movies!!

 photo Image0083_zpsdee7a3c6.jpg

^Silliest pose ever to prove that == *I* == was at the MM star in HW! But ya know, I think back and I wondered why I didn't get a star of Angela Bassett or somebody cooler and deep. But then I think, well she had issues and she was curvy, unlike that stick Audrey Hepburn.

Somthing I didn't want to put on here was.... JayLenoGate. or The Jay Leno Incident. Oh the drama: Let me begin. I planned to see Jay Leno live in L.A. because even tho I like Letterman better, I think Jay's funny too! So I signed up for a few tickets and the response said to arrive in the afternoon to see the show. I had been excited for weeks! I even found his star: (see below)  photo Image0081_zpsafd1a671.jpg

I thought I had the best luck ever to ALSO find his star the day be fore I was going to the show. So anyways, I decided to get there about an hour early, just to be safe. I, arrived: To a whole line of people!! :( (tears*) In fact here's their portapotty bathroom. (pretty clean inside :) ) photo Image0084_zpscc4bb889.jpg It looks empty because I waitted for ppl to leave b4 snapping a pic. But it was a lot of people. At least more than I thought for a middle week show. :(

IN FACT, I just found our contract:

RESERVATION: CONF. # : NOEL400792 NAME : Jess DATE/TIME : Mar. 13, 2013; 04:00 PM ARRIVAL TIME :(no later than) 02:45 PM EMAIL : XXXXXXJESS@XXXXX.COM # OF TICKETS : 4

Dear JESS:

CONGRATULATIONS! We are pleased to confirm the above reservation to attend a taping of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Please read all instructions below: 1. This letter and a photo ID matching the above name are required for entry. Print this out and take it to studio 11, it is your ticket for the show. Tickets are non-transferable. Ticket distribution is in excess of studio capacity and no ticket or reservation guarantees admission. Please note that we admit the general audience on a first-come, first-serve basis. All members of your party must be present to check in. Taping schedules are subject to change without notice. If we need to change the taping time or date, we will contact you via your email address. 2. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno tapes on the NBC Burbank lot in Studio 11, located just off the 134 freeway. Our street address is 3000 W. Alameda Ave., Burbank 91523. The pedestrian entrance is on Bob Hope Dr. or east side of our studio facilities. Street parking is limited, please observe posted restrictions as we cannot be responsible for any citations. Paid parking is also available in the surface lot across the street from the NBC entrance. Enter on Parkside Dr. just east of Bob Hope Dr. 3. No one under the age of 16 will be admitted. Photo I.D. with birth date is required for all guests. Ticket holders must comply with all security procedures. 4. Please do not bring unnecessary baggage or electronic devices: including cameras, backpacks and large shopping bags. Purses are permitted. 5. All tickets are complimentary and may not be sold or auctioned without the permission of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and NBC Universal reserve the right to revoke any ticket believed to have been purchased or sold. Any ticket may be revoked at any time at the discretion of show personnel. Present this confirmation to receive 15% OFF your purchase at The Tonight Show merchandise kiosk located at our studio. Offer valid prior to show only. You will be opted into NBC Store emails to receive discounts and notifications about NBCU show merchandise. You will have the option to unsubscribe from this list once you receive your first email. You may also be contacted by NBCU's TV Research Panel to opt-in to participate in future surveys. 6. To cancel your tickets please forward this email to with CANCELLATION in the subject heading. We are excited you're coming! Thank you for wanting to be a part of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter This email is computer-generated; Please do not reply. Instead, email any questions to Be sure to include QUESTION in the subject heading or call (818)840-3538.

^I got everyone all excited to look for me on TV again and rounded up pals to come with me.

Well as I said before I got there to a crowded line.I saw this huge Indian family. Ahh, minorities (not really) so I said "Hi" and they said they got there early in the morning. (I was like no, i resevred in advance and it said to be there around 3pm!!!??) It was like this big blur.... Next quest from me was, where are you from? They said Houston. (Inside I thought OH NO!) I don't know why I thought that but they had to be from Houston, all 16 people. But So long story short, I didn't get in but they did cuz one of their folks held space for them in the morning. I did get a little paper that said I could comeback tommorrow and skip the line. I told all these stranger I couldn't make it then and I just did other stuff.


Now you may see that "Jay Leno" doesn't exist anymore. There IS no Tonight Show with Jay Leno starrring abcdefg. Oh, no. *wink-wink* (Guess who took care of that! *wink) I mean really. how was I suppose to know to be there at 10am vs. 3, and then they had the nerve to not let me into to their free show!!


I have nothing to do with no more Jay Leno, I got over it becuase I assumed he'd still have a show now but he doesn't. But I have the bathroom pic and letter from NBCstudios in which they claimed I could see him for MEMORIES.