Monday, June 26, 2017

I saw Alien: *Cough-cough*

Hello! I saw Alien: Covanent, the movie no one wanted to seeeee; but first let me post the cutest pics of a local squirrel eating a Cheez-It:

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back to my movie review:

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I was ANGRY and Confused throughout because I missed the first 10 minutes. it was okay I GUESS. Nah, thumbs down!! But the issue was that the crew was so so boring and I ended up being on the side of the Aliens! The aliens were misunderstood. Those people had it made in a cushy, high-tech, decked out space ship with all their needs met. However, they still wanted to find another "home." They wanted a place: "with no animals, fresh water, and where they could build a housing unit..." iunno what else they wanted but they used too much profanity and seem like they were trying to hard to be hip. Also, they chose a government job and should have expected:


That the alien takeover was an inside job. The Chief/CEO of the crew was shown birthing the aliens from his mouth in the end. It was not a surprize. It was the aliens land first! It's a shame they, staff, were all killed off by the aliens mafioso-style by someone they trusted but it happens. hhehe haha it was actually really really gross to watch unless you are a surgeon. all the blood and the guts....and I remember that I could barely get through Sigourney Weaver's Alien from the 70's.

If you are currently going through a robot, alien, vampire, zombies invasion... I advise you to go to a doctor and take the prescriptions. This will help neutralize your emotions and become more like the pack. It's YOU, not them.

Another reason I saw it when no one else I knew was gonna see it was because Paris Jackson has an Instagram called shittyextraterrestial. I'm actively following her career and figure aliens must be cool after all.

Next, on to a film I liked:

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 photo IMG_0666_zpskwgkwspg.jpg

I don't even know what Jada Pinkett was talking about. She was portrayed excellently!!! Wise/gifted.

 photo IMG_0663_zps3fjq2yuq.jpg

 photo IMG_0671_zps6qadknun.jpg

This was so much better than the Notorious B.I.G. biopic film I saw years ago. They were both friends coming up, something I never knew. I even have read Tupac's poetry book called The Rose Who Grew From Concrete, which was published posthumously . Read that book too. But yeah, they play his BEST songs and I was dancing in my chair and singing along like a nut. Two thumbs way up!

Onto more pressing matters:

Youtube videos I like

I feel like if I ever did the L.A. thing, I'd be like Kreayshawn minus the love of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Can't imagine I would be able to afford a Hollywood Hills mansion in this lifetime. lol my favorite line has always been, "I'm flossing like


I also went through T. I. faze, still think I am. LOve this:

with the fav line being: "..I'm shell shocked, get shot
slow ya roll man." haha that is the result of the zombie apocolypse. i'm forever changed

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